Non Surgical Jaw Slimming

A V-line of the face refers to the facial contour that tapers from the cheekbones to the chin, and for many is thought to be a sign of beauty.

For some, the enlargement of the masseter muscles can lead to a broader jawline, that appears more ‘square’ shaped. This can be a concerning issue for both men and women, particularly those of Asian ancestry, where this is more common.

Wide or square jaws can be inherited genetically or as a result of excessive clenching/tensing of the jaw muscle. Individuals with bruxism, clenching of the teeth are at increased risk as well.

Your experienced practitioner is able to use advanced techniques using BTX which are muscle relaxing injections, tailored to the strength and size of your masseter muscles, to slim the jawline and give a more ‘oval’ and youthful look​

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    Frequently asked questions

    Small needles are used to inject the BTX into the muscle, in a series of injections which only cause some mild discomfort. Depending on the strength of the muscles, often repeated treatments are needed to reach the desired size. The treatment takes

    about 15 minutes and there is almost no downtime.

    Patients can observe softening of the masseter muscle within a week. Over the next few months, the muscles start to reduce more due to atrophy.

    After a careful consultation, your practitioner will discuss your suitability and explain the procedure and risks thoroughly. This treatment is considered to be very safe. Rare side effects such as smile symmetry, difficulty articulating (dysarthria), difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) or hoarseness, can occur. These are temporary effects, and do not need treatment.

    We offer this treatment after a face to face consultation with a medical practitioner. A bespoke quote will be given at the time of the consultation. Please contact us for more information.