SkinPen® Precision Microneedling

SkinPen® is a medical class II mechanical microneedling device for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

As the skin ages, the natural architecture of our skin deteriorates. This deterioration leads to fine lines, wrinkles, large pores and uneven skin texture.

The process of microneedling using the SkinPen®, comfortably creates thousands of micro-injuries in the skin to trigger the body’s natural wound-healing process. This process results in skin remodelling, including the formation of collagen and elastin – the two proteins predominantly responsible for the structure of the skin.

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Improved appearance of scars and stretch marks
    • Reduced pore size
    • Increased penetration of active ingredients in products applied to the skin
    • Firming and rejuvenating effect on the skin
    • Improves skin wrinkles and expression lines

    The procedure is not painful but can be uncomfortable. Your doctor will if needed apply numbing cream to the area being treated beforehand. Throughout the treatment your clinician will ensure you are comfortable. The treatment time is short at about 30 minutes.

    There will be mild post-procedure effects such as mild redness for up to a couple of days because of the dermal stimulation. However as the healing begins, this will subside and the skin will be more glowing and more supple.

    Generally this treatment is safe for all skin types. However some active skin conditions will mean your skin may not be appropriate for micro-needling. You will have an in depth consultation with one of our doctors to assess this and explain all the side effects.

    There are many pens available but it is important your understand what is being used and why, and importantly a qualified medical practitioner to perform the treatment. Here at sk:INSPIRE, the safety of our patients is of utmost importance.

    SkinPen Precisions new Patented Micro-Needle Cartridge offers unsurpassed safety. It is the only 100% completely sealed cartridge on the market to prevent fluid intake. The single use lock out feature, removes any possibility of cross contamination. The whole unit is protected with a disposable Bio-Sleeve, so reducing contamination during the treatment process.

    The more micro-punctures a device is able to achieve, the more dramatic the results will be. With the majority of dermal rollers, the maximum achievable number of holes is somewhere between 300 and 400 holes per second. SkinPen® Precision has its 14-tip needle head and the Smart Advantage motor that produces 7000 revolutions per minute, producing 98,000 channels per minute.

    Dermal rollers are simply outdated consisting of a rolling pin covered with tiny needles.
    During a Derma roller treatment, the roller is rolled across the skin, leaving behind a trail of microscopic punctures. The way the needles enter and exit the skin, also means the dermaroller treatment is much more uncomfortable, and often causes a longer downtime for the patient.

    SkinPen® needles enter the skin at 90 degree and can treat certain hard to reach areas, such as those around the eyes, nose and mouth, changing the depth of the needle as most suitable.

    Prices from:

    Face £210 per treatment: £600 for a course of 3 treatments (recommended)

    Neck and décolleté: £210 per treatment, £600 for a course of 3 treatments (recommended)

    Scars and stretchmarks: bespoke quote given after a consultation.