My 5 Skin Trend Predictions For 2021

2020 has most definitely been a year like no other. We saw COVID-19 change our way of life in more than one way – it led us into a year of self-education. Judging by Google’s ‘Year in Search 2020’ (Google’s annual round-up of the most popular searches during the year), we spent a lot of time trying to find and maintain the best skincare regimes. “What is the best skincare line?” “How to build a skin-care routine?” and “What order to apply skincare in?” were amongst the most searched questions.

In this blog, I highlight the top 5 trends that I think will be big for 2021.  

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2021 will be the year of skin.

I suspect there will be a greater shift towards skin rejuvenation and maintenance of skin health. This could be through topical skincare, microneedling, injectable skin boosters such as Sunekos and energy based-devices. I also think the trend of skincare regimes will move towards having fewer products with targeted active ingredients for multiple uses. My key ingredients to watch out for this year are Salicylic acid, Vitamin C and Retinol. With the rise of ‘maskne’ and an increased interest from patients to better understand their skincare, the benefits of these three active ingredients will be apparent.

Online skin consultations.

2020 saw the exponential rise of technology to help with all aspects of life  – seeing family, food deliveries, demand on Amazon, work meetings, home workouts – the medical field was no different. At sk:INSPIRE  we saw online dermatology consultations popularity rise, with patients becoming more and more content with this change. We were successfully able to help our patients from the comfort of their homes and deliver their personalised prescription medication and/or skincare to their doorsteps. 

There will be move towards subtle treatments. 

We at sk:INSPIRE have always practiced ‘less is more’, whether it is with injectables e.g. baby botox or with skincare. I feel that this will be one of the biggest swings in trend where a more natural look will be the focus. As a skin doctor and aesthetician, it makes me happy to see this trend take off, as the most successful treatments are often the ones that produce the most natural results with subtle enhancements.

Skincare for melanin rich patients. 

As more awareness increases, I can see brands formulating new skincare for skin colour Fitzpatrick 3 and above, be it for scaring or hyperpigmentation. I can also see greater awareness of how certain skin conditions e.g. eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox for example, may appear on examination in darker skin. This is vital, as medics and skin doctors we need the ability to recognise the presentation of common skin conditions in all skin colours, as they naturally don’t appear the same. 

At home treatments.

As we were forced to learn more and more about self-care with hair salons, beauticians and spas closing due to COVID.  I feel at home treatments such as home facials and use of at-home devices (e.g. LED face masks) will continue to be popular. At-home equipment and self-treatment will not be able to replace those done at the hands of a professional, certainly when it comes to medical grade ones, but some do have a place in routine care, so long as the limitations are understood.

2020 has shown what we can achieve when we all come together, and how well we adapt when we are forced into a new way of life. Let this strength of character be carried forward into 2021 and the years thereafter.

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