Skin positivity. More than just a hash-tag

In this day and age, we are surrounded by heavily filtered, photoshopped images of celebrities and models on social media. This might give some an unrealistic view of what ‘we should look like’. With this culture at the forefront of society, there’s no surprise that there is a strong link between how we view our skin and mental health.

I am sure my colleagues in the medical field will agree with me on this; I certainly have seen patients in my own clinic who feel low self-esteem and confidence as result. And of course, skin conditions such as acne to name one example can also have a huge impact on mental health.


Dr Vanisha and I have been friends since our time at the prestigious Guys and St Thomas Medical School. We both realised we shared a passion for dermatology and treating patients holistically.  This lead to the birth of sk:INSPIRE Medical Aesthetics.

Our philosophy is to help our patients understand their skin, its’ beauty and any skin conditions or signs of ageing one might be experiencing. Through this, we help promote skin positivity, encourage skin health and help treat any skin concerns you might have.

At sk:INSPIRE Medical Aesthetics when we carry out a consultation, we pay a lot of attention to the history; listening to the patient’s unique story, discussing what they have previously tried for their skin, and extracting useful ‘biopsychosocial’ information, whilst ruling out any worrying signs or symptoms. And of course, the skin is a visual organ, so a thorough examination of the skin is a crucial part of any doctors assessment. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has truly changed and tested the way doctors and dermatologists have been consulting…but that’s for another time!

Nevertheless, it means more of our patients have had the time and ability to access skin consultations with clinicians like ourselves. Because of this, amongst other reasons, there has been a spike in sales of cosmeceuticals during the lockdown and they have polarised patients. These products certainly have a place in one’s skincare routine, especially when used with an understanding of its suitability, but our doctors, at sk:INSPIRE, can go one step further and prescribe other treatments e.g. prescription-only topicals or antibiotics where cosmeceuticals can only do so much.

Skincare is a multi-billion-pound business, with a new cream or serum launched daily, each promising to cure skin conditions such as pigmentation, acne and signs of ageing. However, treating your skin concerns is not just about buying some creams and putting them on. Understanding your skin, why you are using a specific treatment and ensuring it is the correct treatment in order for you to achieve your end goal, are important steps in any skin journey. You might have gathered from our posts that we have a passion in educating our patients on skin and skin treatments.

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with having skin treatments, whether it is for a medical condition e.g. acne, or for cosmetic/rejuvenation purposes. The key is to treat the patient as an individual and tailor any recommendation to their specific needs. More importantly, the clinician should not be reluctant to say no, if they feel the patients’ desired outcome is unattainable or unrealistic. We believe honest and frank discussions need to take place to encourage skin health, skin positivity and help patients understand their skin, its beauty, as well as its so-called ‘flaws’.

This is why we encourage our patients to understand WHY they have been advised a certain skincare regime or treatment, and what the key ingredients are, so they can get the best results. On doing this, they can truly enjoy their skin journey.

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